Timor- Plaza organize Darwin City Trade Show for two days

Timor- Plaza organize Darwin City Trade Show for two days

DILI, 22 june 2022 (TATOLI) –Timor – Plaza organizes Darwin City Trade Show for two days intending to attract tourism to Timor – Leste.

Managing Director of Dili Development Company, Tony Jape, informed that the objective of the Darwin Sister City Trade Show is to introduce the handmade product that during this time the partner of Timor – Plaza made to attract the international tourist to Timor – Leste.

“Timor – Plaza organizes Darwin Sister City Trade Show to invite the partner of local businessman and international businessman to show their activities of the handmade product during two days in Timor – Plaza to attract tourist to Timor – Leste,’’ Managing Director of Dili Development Company, Tony Jape, told Reporters in Timor – Plaza, Dili on Wednesday.

He added Darwin Sister City Trade Show is the first event organized by Timor – Plaza in Timor – Leste, with the hope to build good connectivity between the Government and People to people in the business to attract more tourists to recover the economy of Timorese people.

Chairman of HOTEL – Hotel Association TL, Sam Aluwihare, said the Darwin City Trade Show event is a great opportunity to show the businessman‘s talent, and show the wonderful product of the Timorese people.

With Darwin City Trade Show will build good connectivity in partnership to have good communication and mutual understanding between Australia and Timor – Leste to run the economy and business through the tourism sectors in Timor – Leste.

“The flight connectivity between Dili and Darwin many tourists have visited Timor – Leste, therefore we have to show our wonderful product to attract tourism to develop Timorese ‘s economic after the covid-19 pandemic,’’ he said.

He explained since 2020- 2021 the world faced a pandemic crisis, many hotels and restaurants were closed at that time and the Timorese‘s economy is down, therefore with this opportunity Timorese people must show the wonderful product to attract tourism to visit Timor – Leste to build the economic recovery through the tourism sectors in Timor – Leste.

The Ambassador of Australia to Timor – Leste, Bill Costello, highlighted that tourism is a major contribution to the economy, both in Timor-Leste and in Australia.

The Northern Territory is one area of Australia that relies on tourism to support its economy. It is also a part of Australia that is well known for its marketing campaigns to attract tourists. There are many things Timor-Leste can learn about tourism from the Northern Territory: “Many of you would already know that Australia is one of Timor-Leste’s largest inbound tourist markets,”

“I want Australians to experience delicious Timorese Coffee while watching the sunrise at the top of Mount Ramelau. To enjoy the tropical fish and beautiful coral of Jaco and Atauro and to appreciate the fresh air and the beautiful scenery in the districts. I want all Australians to see and discover Timor-Leste’s rich culture, see and experience the natural beauty and warm hospitality of the Timorese people. I want them to explore the undiscovered” he Concludes

At the same place the President Authority of Municipality Dili, Guilderminha Filomena Saldanha Ribeiro appreciated this even and thanked Tony Jape‘s invitation to participate in the Darwin Sister City Trade Show which was organized by Timor – Plaza today.

According to Ribeiro, this activity can promote the Timor – Leste‘s Tais to the world.

“We make you proud to wear Tais, We hope that with this connectivity, we will come together to bring Tais to an International level as a high-quality product and also to symbolize the Timor – Leste ‘s identity in the world,’’ said Guilerminha.

The two days Darwin Sister City Trade Show was participated by the organization of MAF Timor – Leste, ETDA, ETTI, Arte Moris, Fly Timor – Leste, Island Explore of Autauro, Kor Timor the organization of Tais Timor, and the other partnership of Timor – Plaza in Timor – Leste.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor : Nelia Borges



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