EDTL to complete 14% of 114 electrical projects nationwide

EDTL to complete 14% of 114 electrical projects nationwide

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DILI, august 4, 2022 (TATOLI)– The Timor-Leste Electricity Company (EDTL) has worked hard to complete 14% of the electricity project to cover all residents of the entire territory of Timor-Leste.

Speaking to reporters, EDTL.EP President Paulo da Silva said that currently 14% of electricity projects will be completed by EDTL.EP to ensure residents across the country have full access to electrical energy.

“EDTL.EP has implemented 114 electricity projects in 62 villages. We have completed 86% of these 114 projects but we have to cover more than 14%. Currently, We are working very hard to complete the remaining 14% projects to ensure residents can have 100% access to electricity,” Paulo Da Silva, President of EDTL.E.P. told reporters in the Suai Room, Timor Plaza, this Thursday.

The 114 electricity projects are divided into three project packages, namely 34 projects covering 22 villages, 44 projects covering 17 villages, and 36 projects covering 23 villages.

“34 project packages implemented in 22 villages are in the process of being completed, 36 project packages implemented in 23 villages are in the evaluation process and are expected to be completed this month, while 44 project packages are in the mobilization process, which means that only 14% have not been completed,”

Silva explained that during project implementation, EDTL.EP found it difficult to implement the project in the two villages of Fatu Makerek in the municipality of Manatuto and the village of Fatu Kahe in the municipality of Manufahi, saying there was no road access to transport electrical equipment to the village.

“However, technical staff from EDTL have collected data on the people living in the two villages and will announce the feasibility of implementing the project at the same time EDTL will also continue to monitor and accelerate the implementation of electricity projects in other villages to be completed on time,”

da Silva confirmed that this year all residents across the country will have 100% access to electricity.

“ETDL targets that this year all villages in the country have full access to electricity, EDTL has reached 86% of projects and will work hard to complete the remaining 14% of projects, and hopefully by 2022 we can reach 100% of these projects,”

So far, Timor Leste has three electric generation centers, Hera and Betano provide 250 megawatts, and the Komoro electric generation center provides 27 megawatts.

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges


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