CITL and KHC agree to implement a partnership inclusive risk reduction and climate change adaptation

CITL and KHC agree to implement a partnership inclusive risk reduction and climate change adaptation

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DILI, 28 september 2022 (TATOLI)- Care International Timor-Leste (CITL) and Knua Haberan Komunidade (KHC) signed an agreement to implement an inclusive partnership for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation for women and persons with disabilities.

Director of Human Resources of CITL, Yeni Pereira said this advocacy aims to provide socialization to vulnerable communities, especially people with disabilities, vulnerable families, women, and LGBTQ groups.

“Care’s engagement will focus on increasing gender equality and reducing gender-based violence and ensuring the active participation of women and vulnerable groups in this program” Yeni Pereira told reporters at Care’s office, Bairro Pite, this Wednesday

According to Perreira, the partnership with KHC complements CARE’s role in the project as both organizations share similar values ​​in the areas of education, health, agriculture, social justice, and gender equality.

“Care notes that having local implementing partners under the Disaster Ready Project is important to ensure that communities are resilient in the face of the challenges of disaster, climate change, conflict, and other threats, so this program will ensure that communities, especially vulnerable groups, understand that they are the only ones who have the power and responsibility to save themselves and save others,” She said.

Meanwhile, the Director of KHC, Agosto Pinto hopes that this project can increase the capacity of vulnerable groups to be resilient to future disasters.

“Once the project is completed, we hope that the community, especially women and persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups have increased capacity for resilience to future disasters or vice versa, otherwise groups left behind in disasters, we wish to ensure that they feel valued and having a knowledge and disaster skills needed to mitigate the impacts they may face,” Pinto explained.

He also added that this program will focus on socialization related to domestic violence law.

“We partner with Care to ensure that the dissemination of information related to the domestic violence law will have a positive impact on the community and also to mitigate domestic violence and other related violence within the community,” he said.

So far, the Disasters READY project is supported by the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP) and funded by the Australian Government worth USD 13,000.

The project will be implemented in the municipality of VIqueque, for nine months from September 2022 to May 2023.

In Timor-Leste, the AHP consortium consists of CARE, Caritas Australia (CAN DO), Oxfam Timor-Leste, Plan International CARE, Caritas Australia, Plan International, and World Vision Timor-Leste. This also includes national disability organizations such as RHTO and other partners.




Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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