GIZ and SoSYS organize dialogue for Youth Associations to share ideas of “youth for change”

GIZ and SoSYS organize dialogue for Youth Associations to share ideas of “youth for change”

Photo Tatoli/Jose de Sa

DILI 12 october 2022(TATOLI)- Germany International Organization (GIZ) cooperated with the secretary of State Youth and Sport (SoSYS) organizing a dialogue between the Youth Association to discuss the issue of “Youth for a change”.

The secretary of State Youth and sport, Abrão Saldanha said today’s dialogue is very important to discuss on youth issue theme, ‘’Youth For Change,’’ adding that it is inspiring young Timorese people to integrate themselves for making any positive change in their life.

“We discuss the issue facing young people daily in real life. We wish young people to be an agent and rule models for the community in all aspects,’’ Saldanha told the media at Benfica sports center, Colmera, this Tuesday.

He said the SoSYS is working closely with several youth associations to provide capacity building and empower their skill to bring change in their life and even at the community level.

“This is another mechanism to avoid young people from any form of crime by promoting youth creativity in sports, and stimulating their capacity to provide self-employment and even employ others to reduce unemployment in this country,”

President of the Alumni Youth Parliament Association Timor-Leste (AYPATL), Deolindo Gomes Da Silva said This Association establish to promote young people’s ability for future leadership therefore today’s training is to measure their leadership skills.

“We are providing capacity building for leadership to measure the ability of Timorese young people to be a good leaders in the future,’’ He explained

YAPATL is also working closely with SoSYS and Unicef to analyze the real-life situation of youths in Timor-Leste saying Young people are required to understand their rights and obligation.

Youth National Development Organization (YNDO) representative, Belizia Maria Miskita Dias said they have been working closely with young people aged 17 to 24 years old, to find the solution to their problems, since 2014.

“Their problems including lack of life skills, unemployment, gender equality, and others more problems,” she said.

While, to ensure the youth adaptation, the Director of Comoro children and youth center (CCYC), Gil Isidoro Freitas said Comoro youth center opens the opportunity for the young to express and develop their creative ideas and apply them in community life.

So far, more than 1.000 young people have benefited from a variety of youth programs such as entrepreneurs’ health reproductive, language skills, and others programs. 

This year, more than 300 young people receive the opportunity to involve in the programs that intend to develop their skills in CCYC.

This dialogue is organized and funded by GIZ and the Secretary of State Youth and sport (SoSYS).


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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