UNICEF and MoEYS distribute tree seedlings to 12 primary schools in Covalima

UNICEF and MoEYS distribute tree seedlings to 12 primary schools in Covalima

Tree seedlings. Illustration

DILI, 10 november 2022 (TATOLI) – The United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) together with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) distributed tree seedlings to 12 primary schools in Covalima municipality.

“UNICEF in collaboration with MoEYS and the Secretary of State for Environment (SoSE) had also previously distributed tree seedlings to 14 schools in Bobonaro and five schools in Dili,” the Officer of the UNICEF’s WASH program, Getrudis Noviana Mau said at the tree seedling handover ceremony, in Covalima municipality.

The distribution of the tree seedlings was aimed at contributing to green schools. In addition, it would also contribute to the conservation of springs,” Noviana said.

Around 30 primary schools in the three municipalities (Dili, Bobonaro, and Covalima) had been selected for the implementation of the tree-planting program. A total of 750 tree seedlings were distributed to these schools, of which each school received 25 tree seedlings. The tree seedlings included lemon, rambutan, and cone tree.

The spokesperson of the Covalima municipal authority, Francisco de Jesus Alves said the tree planting program would help educate students to plant trees in their surroundings to protect the school environment.

“Today, we started taking a small joint action, but it would bring a positive impact in the future. Both teachers and students are involved in planting the trees, which is important to protect the school environment,” he said.

Alves said the distribution of the tree seedlings was important to sensitize students about the green school’s initiatives.

The tree seedling had been distributed to 12 primary schools in Covalima, including Koitau, EBF Salele, EBF Ai-Oan, EBF Tilomar, EBF Foho Rua, EBF Baer, EBF Fatuk Metan, EBF Foho Lulik, EBF Traducama, EBF Bubur Laran, EBF Haemanu and EBF Maucola.

Jornalista: Celestina Teles

Editor: Cancio Ximenes

Translation: Jose Belarmino de Sá


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