TradeInvest distributes the license certifications to Cipriano Felix Unip Lda and Shayanrayan, Lda

TradeInvest distributes the license certifications to  Cipriano Felix Unip Lda and Shayanrayan, Lda

Photo Tatoli/Antónia Gusmao

DILI, 22 december 2022 ( TATOLI)– TradeInvest Timor- Leste, today distributed the license certification to the national company of Cipriano Felix, Unip, Lda, and Shayanrayan International Lda for the investment made in Timor – Leste.

” We give the certification license base on the Government decree law No: 15 / 2017 to both companies because, they have succeeded to do the investment activities in Timor – Leste,” General Director of TradeInvest, Arcanjo da Silva told TATOLI in his office Colmera, Dili on thursday.

Silva added that both companies had invested over US$ 4 million in agriculture and Fisheries, saying therefore TradeInvest decided to distribute the license certification to both companies with the purpose to open more branch investment activities to create more jobs opportunities for Timorese.

Cipriano Felix Unip, Lda is one of the National companies that run Investment in the sector of agriculture especially in the industrialization of Coconut oil in Souro Lospalos with Investment worth $ 1,07 million and had employed over 150 Timorese youth across the Timor – Leste.

While Shayanrayan Lda is an international company from Iran that runs the Investment in the area of veterinary, in the industrial of local chicken and produce animal food and tilapia food in Loes and Likisa Mabara with an investment worth $3 million, had employed some Timorese youth and plan to recruit more Timorese youth in the future. Their product had been sold in the National market and International markets. According to the plan, their product will export to the Middle East market in the future.

Trust that, with their Investment activity, both companies will absorb more employment opportunities to diversify the economic growth in Timor – Leste.

So far International Shayanrayan company had conducted its activities in Likisa Maubara and Loes with 4 -8 hectares of land, while the company of Cipriano Felix Unip, Lda conducted its Investment activities over 20 hectares of land in Lospalos, Souro.



Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B.


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