SoSE, CVTL, and DNMG cooperate to strengthen early warning systems

SoSE, CVTL, and DNMG cooperate to strengthen early warning systems

Photo Tatoli/Francisco Sony

DILI, 12 janaury 2023 (TATOLI) – The Secretary of State for Environment (SoSE), through the Designated National Authorities (DNAs) signed a subcontract agreement with the Timor-Leste Red Cross (CVTL) and the National Directorate of Meteorology and Geophysics (DNMG) to strengthen Timor-Leste’s Early Warning System to reduce vulnerabilities and improve preparedness and response to natural hazards in the country.

The Secretary of State for the Environment, Demetrio do Amaral de Carvalho was funded by the Green Climate Fund, through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 

“The signing of this subcontract agreement is part of the implementation of the US$21 million supported by the Green Climate Fund, of which US$400,000 each would be given to CVTL and DNMG to strengthen our Early Warning System,” Carvalho told reporters, Dili, today.

Speaking on the occasion, DNMG Director Terencio Fernandes Moniz said the fund would be used for the purchase of Early Warning System equipment, including rain gauges, thermometers, anemometers, hygrometers, and automatic wider stations. 

“Thus, 30 items of Early Warning System equipment would be procured and installed throughout the national territory. For example, each automatic weather station would be installed in all municipalities and RAEOA. Meanwhile, meteorological radars will be installed in Baucau, Dili, and Covalima. The installation of the equipment will help us to provide accurate weather forecasts to the communities,” he said. 

CVTL’s Secretary, Luis Pedro Pinto thanked SoSE and the Green Climate Fund for the financial support: “Through this project, we will be able to support our communities with regard to disaster risk reduction.”

In april 2021, more than 32,000 families were affected by natural disasters, of which 42 people lost their lives, while several others are still missing. 

The Green Climate Fund is one of the financial mechanisms of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It contributes to financing the commitments made under the Paris Agreement.



Journalist: Filomeno Martins 

Editor: Nelia Borges


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