Over 74% of the sub-villages benefit from the ALFA program

Over 74% of the sub-villages benefit from the ALFA program

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DILI, 25 january 2023( TATOLI)- The National Director of Farmacy and Medication of the Ministry of Health ( MoH), Delfim Xavier Ferreira, said that MoH had implemented the program of Area La Soe Foer Boot Arbiru ( ALFA)in 1633 sub-village in the national territory of Timor Leste.

This number was informed during the workshop evaluation organized by the Ministry of Health at the Commission of National Election’s Office, Colmera Dili.

“ALFA was established in 2012, and so far this program has reached over 74 % or equal to 1633 sub-villages, which had benefited the program of ALFA,” the National Director of the MoH, Delfim Xavier Ferreira, told reporters at ALFA Workshop Evaluation Program in the Commission of National Election’s office, Colmera Dili on wednesday.

According to Ferreira, despite the program not being fully implemented or only covering 74%, it was implemented successfully by the Ministry of Health and Partners.

“There is 26 sub-village that is yet to cover, therefore with this Workshop Evaluation, Authority will find a new strategic plan to cover all sub-village to implement the ALFA program. Hopefully, we will achieve 100% of the implementation by 2024,” he said.

The ALFA Program is implemented to ensure every child and family member lives in a clean environment and also to ensure public health in Timor – Leste.

At the same place, the Country Representative of UNICEF to Timor – Leste, Billal Durrani said it’s indeed a great pleasure for UNICEF to witness the National Evaluation of Sanitation with such a rich gathering.

” I see it as a milestone in our combined efforts to uplift Water Sanitation and Hygiene ( WASH), Health, and Nutrition in Timor – Leste,” he said.

He added UNICEF knows WASH is a sector contributed by several stakeholders.

He also said that UNICEF is impressed by the leading role of the MoH in Sanitation and Hygiene in the WASH sector. UNICEF is extremely happy to be a partner of the Ministry of Health in three key sectors; Health Nutrition and WASH.

“Your work today is crucial in finding out where we are in this process, what we need to do or accelerate, to ensure that every child and family member lives in a clean environment, has the necessary facilities for this, and their nutrition and health is not affected by the lack of water, sanitation, and Hygiene facilities,” he concluded.



Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor : Nelia Borges


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