Ataúro authorities commit to continue protecting Marine Protected Areas

Ataúro authorities commit to continue protecting Marine Protected Areas


ATAÚRO, 14 march 2023 (TATOLI) – Ataúro authorities assure their commitment to continue protecting Marine Protected Areas (MPAS) on the Island. 

Twelve MPAs have been established in Ataúro through cooperation between the Mistry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF), Conservation International, Ataúro Authorities, and local communities. 

“Twelve MPAs have been established covering more than 2km in Ataúro,” said Acacio de Araújo, the Director of Tourism, Agriculture, and Food Security of Ataúro Municipality.

There are six MPAs in Beloi village, namely Lagoa, Usubemasu, Makerdois, Atikru, Adara, and Bee Masin. Meanwhile, six other MPAs also located in the Biqueli village, including Baruana, Fatu, Ilidua, Doru, Berau, and Akrema.

Araújo said that communities have been carrying out fishing activities in two MPAs, stating that the authorities will make efforts to control them again.

He pointed out that MPAs were established to help protect marine ecosystems threatened by human activity, such as overfishing: “These MPAs are protected and we will continue to control and prevent fishing activities in these areas.”

“We have local guards in charge of taking care of the MPAs to ensure species conservation, habitat protection, and ecosystem monitoring,” he said. 

Araujo stressed that those who violate the regulations will be fined between US$250 and US$500: “A member of the Beloi community was fined for fishing in the MAPs, in Beloi.”

Beloi village chief, Adão da Costa Nunes acknowledged that some of the MPAs had been open for fishing activities.

“We will reactivate the Customary Law (Tara-Bandu) to protect coral reefs, and sea turtles, and prohibit fish bombing, fish poisoning, and so on,” Nunes said. 

Costa thanked MoAF for supporting his communities with boat machines to protect MPAs in Beloi village. 

“I call on the communities to contribute to the protection and preservation of our underwater natural resources,” he said. 



Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Nelia Borges


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