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CNE asks the Protestant community to participate in the 2023 Parliamentary Election

DILI, 14 march 2023 (TATOLI) – The President of the National Election Commission (CNE), José Agustino Belo, asked the Protestant Community in Timor – Leste to participate in the 2023 Parliamentary Election to be held on May 21. 

“Today we held the meeting with the structure of the Protestant religion to share the idea and ask them to participate in 2023 of Parliamentary‘s election to increase the voters,’’ the President of CNE, José Belo told reporters at the Hosana Church, Fomentum Comoro, Dili on Tuesday.

Belo stated that citizens have the suffrage to elect their political party to represent their voice and make the decision for the country’s development in the future.

“Timor – Leste has no compulsory election law but as the citizenship, we have to contribute our vote to one of the parties to have the legitimacy to develop the wellbeing of Timor – Leste,’’ he said.

In this opportunity, CNE appealed to all people including the Protestant community to promote peace and stability to make the success of 2023 Parliamentary election.

Besides of that CNE also requests the top leader of the Protestant community through the Protestant Church to pray for us all in ensuring peace and stability to participate in a maximum of the parliamentary ‘s election in Timor – Leste.

At the same place the Top Leader of the Protestant Church of Timor – Leste (IPTL) Domingos Alves, said Protestant Community will announce the information of the 2023 Parliamentary election through the mass celebration to advise the Protestant community in the national territory to fully participate in the election to increase the number of voters participated.

“The Protestant Community is prepared to participate maximum in 2023 Parliamentary’s election and willing to promote the peace and stability based on the signing declaration of Human Fraternity adopted by Timor – Leste,’’ he said.

In this opportunity, on behalf Protestant Church of Timor – Leste, appreciate, the CNE ‘s initiative to meet all religious leaders and talk about the peace and the mechanism of socialization in the parliamentary ‘s election aiming to increase the number of electors in the election. 

“On behalf of the Protestant Community in Timor – Leste, I thanked the structural of the CNE which visited us to share the election information and we will work together with CNE to promote peace and also to increase the electors’ vote toward the Parliamentary ‘s election in Timor – Leste,’’ he concluded.



Journalist: Camilio de Sousa 

Editor: Nelia B.


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