IQTL has provided $105,000 to purchase laboratory equipment for testing the local products in 2023

DILI 23 march 2023 ( TATOLI)– President of the Institute of Quality of Timor – Leste ( IQTL), Rozito de Sousa Monteiro, said that the Government through IQTL has prepared funds from the state budget of US$ 105,000 to purchase the laboratory equipment to control the quality of local products in Timor -Leste.

“Currently Timor-Leste still does not have laboratory equipment to test the quality of local products, therefore this year IQTL allocated $ 105,000 to prepare the equipment for lab tests for local products to ensure quality standards are promoted on the international market,” the President of IQTL Rozito Monteiro told reporters at City8 Conossa, Dili, Thursday.

He explained that after the laboratory equipment arrives in Timor-Leste, IQTL will recruit several experts to operate the laboratory equipment.

“Currently we lack human resources, especially human resources who have the knowledge to control the equipment, but we will recruit some staff to operate the equipment to ensure product quality in Timor-Leste before it is sent to the market,” he said.

Meanwhile, several products are required to undergo lab tests such as water, coffee, local food, fish, meat, and others to ensure product quality and ensure public health in Timor-Leste.

In the same place, President of the Chamber of Commerce Industry of Timor – Leste (CCI-TL) Jorge Serano said laboratory equipment was very important because so far many East Timorese companies have produced local products such as clean water, snacks, coffee, and so on, but no equipment for product testing: “Hopefully with laboratory equipment, the government can control all local products to be tested in a national laboratory before being sold and consumed domestically and also to promote in international markets,”



Journalist: Camilio de Sousa
Editor: Nelia B.


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