SEA and ANLA distribute Environmental License certification to 42 companies

SEA and ANLA distribute Environmental License certification to 42 companies

Photo Tatoli/Egas Cristóvão

DILI, 27 march, (TATOLI)- Secretary of State for Environmental Protection (SEA) through the National Authority Environmental License (ANLA) distributed environmental license Certification to 44 privates and government companies.

Secretary of State for Environmental, Demétrio Do Amaral said the Environmental license aimed to guarantee the standard of development sustainability sector in this country.

“The Environmental license certification will support the National and international company’s awareness of project implementation, which has no risk and impact to ruin the environmental sector. It will not have more impact on public health,” the Secretary of State for Environmental protection, Diámetru Do Amaral told journalists, in the SEA meeting room, Acait, this Monday.

He added that all construction project activities mostly cause an impact on the environmental sectors. The license is provided to help the company to be very aware in the implementation of any project which is not damaged nature and the environment.

“The certification help company to respect nature and also some historical heritage which value for Timorese tourism asset,” he explained

The president of ANLA, António Lelo Taci said today 42 companies are deserved to receive the environmental silence certifications.

“Among 42 companies there are two companies that are going to implement the mega-project such as DILI Bussiness Center and Dili Drainage project which are responsible by BTL.E.P and Timor Plaza,” he said

He said the other project deserves Environmental License certification which is the responsibility of the Minister of Public work for road construction from Aitutu and Hatu Beliku.

Second Deputy President of BTL, Elisabeth Amaral said it is great to have the environmental license for the Dili Drainage project, which supports the implantation of the drainage project this year.

“It is a great project which requires the integrated coordination between relevant government as SoSEP and MoTC to implement this project. we launched last year’s project, however, the implementation of this project is post ponded due to no an environmental license, But the project will soon be implemented because today we have received the environmental license,” She said

According to Amaral, the Dili drainage project is funded by the government and the Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC) worth over 400 million USD.

While until today government through ANDA has distributed over 113 Environmental licenses.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.



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