TL celebrates the XXIII anniversary of PNTL and the swear-in of PNTL’s new general commanders

TL celebrates the XXIII anniversary of PNTL and the swear-in of PNTL’s new general commanders

DILI, 27 march 2023 (TATOLI) – Henrique da Costa previously as Dili Municipal Commander has been sworn in by the President of the Republic, José Ramos Horta, as the new General Commander of the Timorese National Police (PNTL) for a three-year mandate, replacing Faustino da Costa.

Meanwhile, Pedro Belo was also sworn in as PNTL’s Second General Commander for the same mandate to replace Mateus Fernandes.

Henrique da Costa pledged to adhere to the PNTL’s strategic plan development to continuously improve the intuition.

“Five priority programs would be our main focus during our three-year term, such as improving institutional development, strengthening regulations, strengthening institutional cooperation, improving police services, and ensuring peace and stability in the country,” said Commissioner Costa. 

He said that together with the second general commander, they would make efforts to realize the five priority programs to develop the PNTL to protect the right of citizens. 

Costa said that the PNTL would also work hard to ensure peace and stability during the parliamentary and suco elections. 

He said the police will stick to its principle of maintaining impartiality and neutrality to ensure a higher voter turnout in the upcoming elections. 

“We will have two elections this year, 2023, including parliamentary and suco elections. Therefore, PNTL is committed to increasing police involvement in communities to ensure peace and stability in the country,” he explained.

Costa congratulates all PNTL employees for their dedication and commitment to serving the institution and the public for over two decades.

“PNTL officers must continue to show good performances, loyalty, respect for communities, and work professionally to achieve our goal of modernizing this institution and gaining the public’s trust,” he said.

In his remarks, President Horta said the new commander should identify mistakes, weaknesses, and innovative and realistic solutions proposed for the development of the institutions. 

“We study the experiences of other countries, those with high levels of professionalism and efficiency, but we also study the cases of failure,” Horta said.

The Head of State said Timor-Leste’s partnership with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) is the most valuable.

He said the PNTL should learn from the AFP model where all special police units are integrated into a single institution: an “Institution that deals with fighting common crime as well as against organized crime and transnational crime.”

President Horta said there was no need to create new and more security agencies, duplicate expenses, waste limited resources, under-utilized human resources, confuse competencies, and show rivalries.



Journalist: Filomeno Martins 

Editor: Nelia Borges


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