Roman Luan NGO supports Ataúru Community by preserving Ataúru Marine’s protected areas

Roman Luan NGO supports Ataúru  Community by preserving Ataúru Marine’s protected areas

Manager of ROMAN LUAN, Marcelo Belo Soares (Photo Tatoli/Jose De Sa)

DLI, 24 april 2023 (TATOLI)- ROMAN LUAN Local Non- Government organization (NGO) supported the local community in preserving 12 marine protected areas in five villages in Ataúru municipality.

The Manager of ROMAN LUAN, Marcelo Belo Soares said Roman Luan was established to support the community in an emergency in 2022 in Ataúru but the support also includes providing a comprehensive tourism potential site of the marine protected areas.

“We are supporting the Ataúru community to have more conception on preserving and exploring marine areas. We also provide advocacy about the originality of Ataúru culture which is valuable for tourism sites,’’ Manager of ROMAN LUAN, Marcelo Belo Soares told Tatoli in his office, Mau-Meta villa, Atauru, this Monday

ROMAN LUAN considers Ataúru as a virgin island with Marine resources, therefore it requires the sharing of adequate information about marine protected areas especially 12 marine protected areas in Adara, Akrema, Fatuu, Berau, and Beloi areas.

According to Soares, the idea of establishing marine protected areas across Ataúro village was raised by the community in five villages in Atauro.

“Ataúru has huge potential in the ocean such as the unique marine biodiversity including coral and many marine species. Therefore Ataúru community in five villages raised an initiative to preserve marine protected areas. The population has the initiative to preserve the marine protected area by implementing the “ Tara Bandu’’ program to preserve esteem sources across Ataúro villages,” He explained

With the implementation of ‘Tara Bandu’ Atauru Community are the band to fishing in the protected areas, However, he said, ROMAN Luan cooperated with TUA COIN and designed a strategy for the community to continue fishing and responds to their family income in the unprotected areas.

So far, RUMAN Luan was established on 14 February 2000 with support from the United States International Development Agency (USAID). The members are composed of a community from the Ataúru municipality villages of Mau Meta, Beloi, Bikeli, Makili, and Makadadi villages.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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