TL organizing fairs to welcome the 21st anniversary of the Independence

TL organizing fairs to welcome the 21st anniversary of the Independence

Photo Tatoli/Francisco SOny

DILI, may 05, 2023 (TATOLI) – Timor-Leste organizing fairs to welcome 21st anniversary of the Restoration of Independence. 

The fairs taking place between May 4 and 20, under the theme “Consolidating Democracy to Improve the Lives of the Populations”.

The five fairs held at the Port of Dili, in Cristo Rei, in Metinaro, and the administrative post of Dom Aleixo, was organized by the Ministries of Tourism, Trade, and Industry (MTCI) and the State Administration.

“The fairs began on May 4 and continue until the 20th. All the local product vendors and artists are all invited to join the fairs,” said the Director General of Tourism, MTCI, Jelino Guterres, this Thursday, as part of the opening of one of the fairs in the Port of Dili.

Guterres said that there will be many activities to entertain visitors.

“Altogether, 121 groups are selling local products, food, and beverages, and 51 groups of artisans. In addition, there are percussion band competitions and a painting contest.”

The Minister of Tourism, Trade, and Industry, José do Carmo da Silva, for his part, said that the purpose of these events, in addition to highlighting local products, is also to offer opportunities to producers and sellers in the national territory to increase their income.

“I ask the producers and vendors to register with the organizing committee so that they can participate in these events. The fairs are very important to promote local products and establish a trade network to increase household incomes and diversify the economy in the country,” said José do Carmo.

Meanwhile, Timor-Leste’s 21st anniversary of the restoration of independence is to be held on this year, on May 20, the




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