Kameli Timor International School urges parents to invest in their children

Kameli Timor International School urges parents to invest in their children

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DILI, 03 june 2023 (TATOLI) – Kameli Timor International School (KTIS) celebrates Children’s Day in Dili with the theme: “To invest in our future, we must invest in our children.”

In her opening remarks, KTIS Director General Rini Fatmawati called on all parents in the country to invest in their children by giving them education and opportunities.

“Investing in children means we are investing in our future. Therefore, as parents, we must invest in our children to ensure that they are healthy, educated, and protected,” Fatmawati said at the celebration of International Children’s Day, in Dili, today. 

More than 20 students showcased their talents at the celebration in the presence of their proud parents.

“In today’s celebration, we organize a number of activities, including a poetries reading competition, fashion show, traditional dances, singing, etc,” he said.

She said that all the children at Kameli Timor International School learn the lesson very quickly.

Fatmawati added that as a new country, parents see great hope in the eyes of every child: “When we look at the children of today, we see the leaders of tomorrow – presidents and so on.

“All of them are intelligent. So we just need to help them explore more and of course, we will do our best to teach these children to reach their full potential because who knows some of them might be our future leaders,” Fatmawati said.

During the celebration, KTIS also launched its module covering writing, reading, science, mathematics, and arts.

Children’s Day is celebrated annually on june 1 in different parts of the world, including Timor-Leste as an initiative for children’s well-being and rights.


Journalist: Filomeno Martin 

Editor: Nelia Borges


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