Civil Society organization requests the new govt to invest in potential sectors

Civil Society organization requests the new govt to invest in potential sectors

DILI, 01 july 2023, (TATOLI) –Prioritizing the potential sectors to reduce the dependence on petroleum funds for state budgets, the Timorese’ Civil society, composed of Forum Non-Government Organization (FONGTIL) in Timor-Leste and Lao Hamutuk NGO, requested the ninth government.

A specialist in Lao Hamutuk research, Elizaria Gomes, expected the new government led by Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão to give importance to investment in vital sectors.

“We hope the new government will be able to invest in potential sectors to reduce the expenditure for the state budget. However, the government should reduce the annual expenditure of the petroleum fund, which is dependent on the petroleum fund,” Lao Hamutuk researcher Elizaria P. Gomes said in an exclusive interview with the Tatoli Media on the sole ceremony of the swearing-in of the new Prime Minister and government members that took place in the President’s palace, Bairru-Pité, this saturday.

She added that the new government must focus on investing in sectors like agriculture, Education, Health, Clean water, sanitation, and others.

Lao Hamutuk strongly recommends that the new government not depend on petroleum funds. It is required for the new executives to put effort into investing in vital, productive, and sustainable sectors.

The Timorese civil organization suggested to the new government that it focus on the social sector, investing in human resources to boost economic development in this country.

In the same Venue, the executive director of FONGTIL, Valentim da Costa, said many agriculture groups in rural areas still lack access to the government’s support for more development in the agriculture sector.

“I think that the new government should be implementing a vital rural economic empowerment development program,” The executive director said.

Mr. Valentim also added that the new government must ensure investment in the state budget.

The government must have good state budget execution and good financial management to avoid misuse of the state budget or not properly using government money.

He said the new structured government will face trouble with the double jobs.

“I did not observe the performance of the new government. I hope the new government structure must prioritize the potential sector to reduce the dependence on petroleum funds,” he concludes.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafael Ximenes de A. Belo


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