Construction of 23-story building of TMS slated to begin September 2023

Construction of 23-story building of TMS slated to begin September 2023

Designed of Timor Marine Square (Photo Tatoli/Jose De Sa)

DILI, 26 July 2023 (TATOLI)-  The construction of Timor Marine Square with a 23-story building is set to Begin in September 2023.

Construction of the 23-story building with a Space of 3,200 sq. meters is expected to be completed by 2026.

Manager of Singapore Construction Company, VICO project Manager, John Zhao Shi Cai said, currently the company is working on water drilling and this work will finish on the 10 of August this year.

“The construction will begin after the drilling is complete,” said John Zhao Shi Cai to Tatoli in Licidere.

According to the VICO Project Manager, while working on the water drilling project, they are also waiting for construction materials to be arrived from China, including swamps.

“The materials will arrive in Timor-Leste on 18 August 2023. As soon as the materials arrive, we will begin with the installation of the swamp around 50 to 60 meters deep underground, and this will take one month to complete before we begin with the physical construction of the building,”

At the same time, Zhao Shi Cai revealed that his company had difficulty searching for the quality materials needed for construction, such as sand and stone.

“This 23-story building requires quality materials which are very difficult to find in Timor-Leste, but now the company has found all of these materials in Hera, and will be transported to Licidere, where it will be built,”

Cai added that his Company will employ a total of around 300 workers, consisting of more than 100 local Timorese workers and 180 international workers coming from China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India.

Previously, Lim Huan Chiang, Justice of the Peace Group CEO Executive Director A- Smart Holding Ltd, Singapore, informs that the construction of Timor Marina Square (TMS), will become the iconic landmark of Timor – Leste in the future. It aims to transform the entire area into a lifestyle destination, catering to not just holidaymakers or business travelers attending meetings, conferences, and seminars, but also a local.

Timor Marina Square project led by a Singapore-based company received a Declaration of Benefit certificate on November 23, 2021.

The budget for the construction is worth 50 million USD from the company.

While, The Ground Breaking ceremony for the construction of Timor Marina Square took place tuesday, may 17, 2022, by Timor-Leste’s Former Prime Minister, Taur Matan Ruak.

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Journalist: José Belamino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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