PN appoints first female Timorese journalist Isabel Maria become a member of PCTL

PN appoints first female Timorese journalist Isabel Maria become a member of PCTL

Isabel Maria Fernandes de Jesus (Photo/special)

DILI, 07 september 2023 (TATOLI)-  The National Parliament (PN) has elected its representative in the Press Council (CI), Isabel Maria Fernandes de Jesus, to be the first woman to hold the position as a member of the Timor-Leste Press Council (PCTL).

In a plenary session, the National Congress for the Reconstruction of Timor Leste (CNRT) decided to appoint a single candidate to replace Expedito Dias Ximenes, the current Secretary of State for Social Communications.

There were 20 representatives were attended the session, so the voting results were 39 votes in favor, zero against, and six abstentions.

Isabel Maria Fernandes de Jesus in her online interview with Tatoli thanked the deputies in the National Parliament for their trust in her.

“I am very happy to have been appointed as advisor to the National Parliament for the Press Council. I will dedicate myself and carry out my duties with responsibility and professionalism,” said Isabel.

This new Council member is a member of AJTL (Association of Timor-Leste Journalists) and has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication from the College of Communication Sciences in Indonesia.

Her professional career includes experience at Rádio Televisão de Timor-Leste (RTTL.E.P), as a journalist and television presenter, and at Grupo Média Nacional, as a Program Production Coordinator and, more recently, as an Information Director.

Isabel Maria Fernandes de Jesus was born in Uailili suco, at the Baucau Vila Administrative Post, Baucau Municipality, on November 11, 1987.

Chair of AJTL, Zevonia Viera said that the election of Isabel Maria as the only woman on the Press Council was a more inclusive representation, bringing balance and providing a gender perspective, empowering women and representing female journalists.

“This is a very good first stage because there are already women representatives in the Press Council, meaning a gender perspective will emerge in the Press Council. “I hope that Isabel’s election there can increase press freedom and expression in TL, as well as fight for female journalists in TL,” he explained.

She revealed that so far female journalists in Timor-Leste have faced many challenges and there is still discrimination and do not dare to take positions in an editorial.

The AJTL chairman believes that Isabel Maria’s presence on the press council will be able to bring about better change and motivate other female journalists to show their intellect in leading media.

“Women’s participation as members of the Press Council has many benefits and is important in supporting media that is more inclusive and representative,” she concluded.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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