MYSAC will wait for decision of FIFA for the Construction of Dili soccer field

MYSAC will wait for decision of FIFA for the Construction of Dili soccer field

Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts and Culture, Nélio Isac Sarmento (Photo Tatoli/Francisco Sony)

DILI, 13 September 2023 ( TATOLI) – Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts and Culture (MYSAC), Nelio Izac Sarmento, said the Government’s Ministry of Youth and Sport is waiting for the decision from the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) to begin the construction of Dili Soccer field.

“We completely agree with FIFA’s plans. I have confirmed with the FIFA Secretariat in Timor-Leste regarding the development of the Dili soccer field, but they are expecting a response from FIFA to begin the construction,” Nelio Izac Sarmento, told TATOLI at the Ministry of Finance Aitarak-Laran, Dili.

Sarmento explained that the modernization of the Dili soccer field was important for developing Timor-Leste football and preparing for future international football matches.

“This development was influenced by the Minister of Youth and Sports with the Eight Constitutional Government and my responsibility is to continue this project,” said Sarmento.

Meanwhile, Sarmento said, that if development does not continue according to FIFA’s commitment, the government’s MYSAC will create a new design with the 2024 state budget.

“The construction of the Dili soccer field was previously designed by FIFA with international standards, therefore if the construction will not be continued, we plan to allocate a budget in 2024 to redesign it according to international standards as well,” he added.

Question regarding the funds that would be used to construct the Dili soccer field, Sarmento said it was still in the discussion stage and would be discussed further in the 2024 budget in the national parliament.

However, in the previous agreement with FIFA, FIFA committed to allocating a $50 million budget to build the International standard of the Dili football field.

At the same time, Sarmento also touched on the construction of the Manatuto football field, saying that construction had stopped because the company owner had died.

“The Manatuto football field construction project was previously held by the local company Obrai but was stopped because the owner of the Obrai company died. The construction can be continued by local subcontractors from Manatuto because previously Obrai had local subcontractors but the Government decided to stop the project since the contract was signed between the Government and the Obrai Company, not the local subcontractor company,” added Sarmento.

The budget for the Manututo soccer field project comes from the Infrastructure budget (CAFI), therefore MYSAC will hold a meeting to discuss the continuation of this project following existing mechanisms and procedures.

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Journalist: Camilio de Sousa
Editor: Nelia B.


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