Artistic Caravan promotes youth’s talent

Artistic Caravan promotes youth’s talent

Artistic Caravan 2023/Image TATOLI/Hortencio Sanchez

DILI, 27 november 2023 (TATOLI) – The IX Constitutional Government organized an artistic caravan on november 25th, in Dili to promote youth’s talent.

Under the celebrations of the 48th Anniversary of Timor-Leste’s Restoration of Independence, this event aimed to promote youth’s talent and encourage them to participate, more actively, in the development of the country and of the national culture, using their talent as a tourist attraction.

Maria Barreto, from the CNRT party, said that the caravan was an opportunity to promote Timor-Leste’s culture and identity through Timorese artistic creativity that contributes to tourism’s development in the country.

Carlos do Rosario one of the representatives of the youth groups expressed his contentment for participating in the event: “As a young generation, I’m very pleased to be taking part in this event, which is crucial for preventing conflicts between young people.”

A total of 34 youth artistic groups from all municipalities participated in the ‘Art Caravan Competition’ of the event to express their artistic value.

The main aspects to be assessed in the competition include cultural and traditional aspects, originality and creativity, choreography and dance presentation, audience involvement, eco-friendly materials, and movement.

The winner in the “original culture” category was the Municipality of Lautem with a prize of US$2,500, second place went to the Municipality of Viqueque with US$2,000, third place to Oe-Cusse with US$1,500 and the special category was won by the Municipality of Manufahi with a prize of US$7,00.

Meanwhile, the winner of the citizens and academic institutions category was the Laletek Catarosa group with a prize of US$3,500, second place went to the Jerman Creative group with US$3,000, and third place to Junior Bebatua with US$2,000. In addition, the fourth place went to Surik Timor with US$1,400, the fifth to Raimoris with US$1,200, the sixth to Montanha with US$1,000, and the winner of the favorite group was Inan Peregrinha with a US$700 prize.

Representative of Laletek Catarosa, Elisa Nunes da Rosa expressed her contentment after her group became the first winner of the citizens and academic institutions category: “It’s a very important moment for us because our group came first. Our hard work of a week to decorate our artistic product has paid off.”

The event was held as part of the celebrations of the 48th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence Day.


Journalist: Jose Belarmino de Sa

Editor: Filomeno Martins 


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