Recent windstorms and heavy rains destroy 130 homes

Recent windstorms and heavy rains destroy 130 homes

A storm damaged house in Ainaro municipality/Image PR

DILI, 05 february 2024 (TATOLI) – The Civil Protection Authority (CPA) reported that 130 houses have been destroyed due to the recent windstorm and heavy rains.

According to CPA, 130 houses were damaged in the recent natural disasters, including four homes were destroyed in Aileu, 28 in Ainaro, one in Baucau, 18 in Bobonaro, three in Covalima, 34 in Ermera, three in Lautem, 14 in Liquiça, one in Manufahi, one in Oé-Cusse, and 14 in Viqueque.

“From january 30 to february 5, the CPA recorded 130 damaged houses due to windstorms, heavy rains, and fire. Of these houses, 119 homes were destroyed due to windstorms, five homes were damaged due to landslides, and six others were burnt down,” reported CPA’s Head of External Relations and Communications, Nelson Orleãs.

Orleãs said that CPA in collaboration with partners has made efforts to provide emergency aid, including medicines and food to the victims.

“We have already distributed emergency aid to several families. So far, we have registered more than 700 displaced people and the number could be higher, as our team has not yet completed the data collection,” he said.

Between january and march last year, the Secretary of State for Civil Protection registered 443 families affected by natural disasters. Seven people died and two were severely injured.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Filomeno Martins


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