NCA President Arrested in connection with the case of Illegal Internet Calls

NCA President Arrested in connection with the case of Illegal Internet Calls

DÍLI, 26 november 2020 (TATOLI) – The President of the National Communication Authority (NCA), João Oliveira Freitas has been arrested in connection with a case of illegal internet calls from the Telcom Operator Telemor and the Computer Elite Company.

The Arrest took place at the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MTC) office, the arrest is on alleged collaboration and coordinating with the two suspect companies, for the use of an illegal satellite connection from Atambua, allowing the provision of internet services to the entire Government institutions and the Police office.

After the arrest, Mr João Oliveira Freitas was taken to the cells and awaits to enter his plea at court.

The SIC arrested João Oliveira Freitas on the 26 of November and accused with crimes of computer fraud and tax fraud.

The SIC Police has found several documents crucial to the investigation, including the contracts signed between the Telemor Operator and the Computer Elite Company as well the attributed tax payments.

The Police investigators and the ICT technicians have also seized data on several contracts, signed with 12 companies that supply the internet line, among the 12 companies four companies are not recorded at the ANC.

While searching for the documents the Police investigator has also found computer materials and other documentation materials related to the two companies.

At the same time, the police took all the own state properties from the suspect such as a car, telephone and other technological devices.

The Public Prosecution office accuses the three suspects as Computer fraud Crime and the crime for Tax fraud, that have caused the State losses since the illegal satellite connection started in 2012.

Journalist: Eugénio Pereira

Editor: Francisco Simões/Nick kettle


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