CIGG reports one more death of covid-19 and 213 new covid-19 infections

CIGG reports one more death of covid-19 and 213 new covid-19 infections

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DILI, may 27, 2021 (TATOLI) – Timor-Leste Health authorities registered one more death from COVID-19 and 213 cases of the new coronavirus, the Country CIGC said.

Of the new cases, 182 in Dili and 31 in other municipalities. The proportion of symptoms is 9.3%. 225 recoveries were also reported, the statement said.

The Coordinator of the CIGC, Rui de Araújo, said, regarding the new infections detected in the municipalities, that Aileu has three, Baucau 11, Bobonaro six, Covalima five, Liquiçá two and Ainaro two, Ermera one and Viqueque one.

The country currently records 2,727 active infections, 6,459 confirmed cases, 15 deaths, and 3,717 recoveries since the outbreak began in this country.

Concerning the death recorded today, Araújo said the deceased is a 59-year-old man, who lived in the Mascarenhas. He went to the National Hospital Guido Valadares (HNGV) around 3 am. The patient had a fever, cough, stomach ache for two days and had a history of kidney surgery.

“After the doctors performed the physical and complimentary exam, the patient was diagnosed with peritonitis and septic shock, and also with SARS-CoV-2. He was transferred to Vera Cruz’s isolation and died around 11:50 am with multiple organ failure”, Araújo said in a statement.

According to Araújo 41 patients are under the treatment at Vera Cruz, – 20 in obstetrics, all considered mild cases, one in pediatrics and 19 in internal medicine, four of them in serious condition (two in care) intensive and dependent on the continuous positive airway pressure mask (CPAP, in English) and two use oxygen), five moderate. The case in pediatrics is considered mild. A patient is registered in neonatology, a baby, born with normal, from a woman positive of covid-19.

“After performing the PCR test, the baby was detected with covid-19. For the first time, a baby was born, between 17, in Vera Cruz and tested positive for the new coronavirus, being considered a mild case” He concluded.

The National Health Laboratory (LNS) has carried out 1,609 laboratory tests since yesterday, 84 of which in the context of sentinel surveillance, 188 of contact screening, 287 of random screening, 729 requests for departure from the Municipality of Dili, 290 for international trips and 31 in quarantines. In addition, on May 26, 691 tests were carried out in the municipalities.

Regarding the evolution of the outbreak in the country, the incidence rate of covid-19 is, on average, in the last week, of 14.5 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, while in Dili it is of 47.8, in Bobonaro of 10, 1 and Covalima of 4.7.




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