New Zealand committed to assists Timor-Leste in various sectors to build a better future

New Zealand committed to assists Timor-Leste in various sectors to build a better future

DILI, 05 June 2021(TATOLI)- New Zealand is committed to supporting Timor-Leste in various sectors to immediately restore Timor-Leste’s economy and build a better future.

The statement is made by the Ambassador of New Zealand to Timor-Leste Philip Hewitt on Friday’s interview with Tatoli reporter at the New Zealand Embassy Dili.

Ambassador Hewit said to meet the commitments that have been set by New Zealand itself, then the New Zealand government has So far, supported the government of Timor-Leste and several non-governmental organizations in various sectors to support the development of a sustainable and growing economy, apart from Health sectors.

Since the outbreak of covid-19 began in Timor-Leste, more aids have been provided by the partner countries and the organization of the partnership.

For such reason Ambassador Hewitt said, to help the Timorese Government overcome the difficulties, the New Zealand Government has donated USD3.5 million to Timor-Leste in response to COVID-19. 

“This donation includes the delivery of individual protective equipment in 2020 and 2021, provision of small grants for handwashing stations, dissemination of public health information, essential providers for medical services during Covid -19, support for farmers and agricultural production to minimize the restriction of Covid -19 on food security,” Ambassador Hewitt said during the interview.

“As additional support to the Government, The New Zealand Government will donate 24,000 doses of the Asra Zenaca Vaccine reservation from the global COVAX scheme which we hope to arrive in Timor Leste next week,” He added.

For the other supports, The Ambassador said, New Zealand has also contributed USD1.8 million to the April 04 flood response, including embarkation for humanitarian support, funds to help ONGs to respond quickly to flood victims in terms of food no hygiene materials, assisting in education for school children in evacuation centers and also provided a small grant to the flood victims to repair crops and fish ponds that were destroyed by the floods.

At the same time, Ambassador Hewit said the other priority sector that has been supported by New Zealand is the sector of justice.

At this point, he explained New Zealand is supporting the police through Timor-Leste Community Policing Support Programme.

“We work together with The Asia Foundation providing mentoring and capacity development support to the Timor-Leste National Police, construction of police housing in 14 sucos (villages) to enable police to live and work within communities, support them to access justice and strength the accountability and training of National Police of Timor Leste (PNTL),” Mr. Hewitt said.

As the results of this program, 1,257 police were successfully participated in community policing awareness training including 415 Suku (Village) Police Officers in community policing reporting, 15 police trainers to establish a community policing training team, supported the establishment of 167 Community Policing Councils, 12 Municipality Security Councils and 1 Regional Security Council

According to Mr. Hewitt, this program is five years program.

Ambassador Hewit said, therefore New Zealand is a close friend of Timor-Leste and has a commitment to support Timor-Leste in any critical situation.

“We want to always help Timor Leste in difficult situations whenever the country is facing a difficult time,” he said.

According to the information from the official site of the New Zealand Embassy in Timor-Leste, New Zealand and Timor-Leste have signed a Joint Commitment for Development. This sets out the shared vision of the two governments, specifies the priority areas, focused on, and outlines the areas of responsibility for the period 2016-2020.

These areas including Agriculture, Fisheries, Education, Law, and Justice.

The support in Agriculture, The New Zealand Supporting five-year, $14.4 million activity through National Cooperative Business Association/Cooperativa Cafe Timor to improve the production of coffee (both arabica and robusta) and cacao for rural farmers.

The program has been created around 5,500 new jobs, rehabilitated 1,887 hectares of coffee plantation, established 916 cocoa and robusta coffee farms, trained 3,503 farmers in coffee bean production improvements and, established 53 small and medium enterprises.

Fisheries, Supporting a $6 million five-year activity to strengthen aquaculture capability to meet nutrition, food security, and income generation targets with the Timor-Leste Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and NIWA.

Recent achievement: established 200 small and micro enterprises, achieved between 1.3-1.7 tonnes/hectare productivity in tilapia fishponds and, distributed nearly 1 million fingerlings of Gift tilapia from the Gleno hatchery to farmers in 11 Municipalities.

Education Sector: New Zealand has provided $12 million over five years to improve teacher training and support, learning materials and facilities, and parent education, of $1.9 million across two districts to improve learning and development outcomes of 5,200 children and 2,000 parents, in proven early childhood education models that can be replicated nationally.

The results from the Early childhood education activity have: trained 857 teachers, delivered learning materials to 307 pre-schools, and established 120 new community-based preschools in rural areas.


Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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