RYLA offers youth leadership empowerment and development program to Timorese 

RYLA offers youth leadership empowerment and development program to Timorese 

DILI, 18 june 2021 (TATOLI)- Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) offers youth leadership, empowerment and development training to Timorese young people to develop their life skills.

RYLA is mostly involving young Timorese people aged 18 until 28 years old to join leadership training, internship programs and community service training.

Currently RYLA focuses on community service programs as the program is related to the impact of calamity and pandemic situations. This program trains young people to work as volunteers to help victims affected by natural disasters.

The beneficiaries for this program are providing entertainment for children and family and provide counseling to the victims affected by natural disasters. It is aimed to minimize stress and pressure for the life of children and women and considers they are most affected by calamity situations. RYLA Trainer Coordinator, Ana Joaninha Soares said to Tatoly Agency at her office in Kintal Bot on thursday.

RYLA was established in 2010 and has been offering training for 8000 young people in Timor-Leste. The training program is provided to young people, who have dropped out from school and become unemployed persons.

Most of the beneficiaries come from around dili and some from municipalities. They are very interested in taking part in this training program.

RYLA also provides counseling programs to young people, who are lost hope and bring them back to positive thinking to build potential life and develop their skills.

The beneficiary for this program is required to build good relationship with all people to bring them to positive life in their living areas

RYLA is collecting all participants through internship program and they are required to work volunteer in some non-governmental organization (NGO) composing of ALOLA foundation, Purveyor Human Right and Justice (PDHJ), Connecto Company, Empreza Diak, Joao Saldanha University (JSU) and Centru Nasional Chega (CNC). Those NGO and companies are providing opportunities for young timorese to learn how to be a professional worker.

Those companies, NGO, University and Institution offer capacity building through working as a volunteer in the Administration, finances, receptionist and others.

The training program of RYLA was donated by TimorGap, Osaka Gas, and Wood Side. The fund is provided for each program the amount of $.5.000.

It is recalled that the beneficiaries were experienced for intercambios programs that supported young people, shared their experience with young people around the world in Australia and gained some experiences.

Due to the Pandemic situation RYLA temporarily suspended the internship program and all participants are recommended to implement what they have learned in their family and community.

The RYLA training Facilitator, Ana Joaninha Soares said in her message to all young people to join the program that is provided by RYLA to help empower your ability and improve life skills to guarantee for your future life.

Journalist: Jose Belarmino de Sá

Editor:  Rafy Belo


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