NCPT offers Skill Development training to 179 young Timorese

NCPT offers Skill Development training to 179 young Timorese

(Image Tatoli/Jose Belarmino De Sa)

DILI, august 02, 2021 (TATOLI)– The State Secretary for Vocational Training and Employment (SSVTE) in coordination with the National Center of Professional Training (NCPT) offered training to 179 young Timorese to develop their skills and obtain the capacity to work in diverse areas in the National and International.

Speaking to the Journalists, The State Secretary for Vocational Training and Employment, Alarico Do Rosáriothe said the training will shape the students to become useful people in the future.

Thus Mr. Rosario encourages all people to get more opportunities to develop their skills, saying the SSVT has responsible to promote all people to get proper skills through vocational training.

Rosário also added that they have temporarily suspended the training amid covid-19.

“The training has been suspended since the government imposed the lockdown due to the pandemic, today SSVTE reactivates the training for all the Timorese to come and participate in this training,” Alarico told the Journalists at the SENAI Training Center, Becora Dili today.

The Director of the National Center of Professional Training (NCPT), Lorenzo da Silva Gusmão said, the SSCTE has officially reactivated the training activities in Becora to begin the normal activities.

He added that the NCPT is normally provided training for 384 students every year, but for this year the training is provided for 179 students, composed of 114 males and 37 females.

Of the total number of participants, 24 participants coming from the TL-Defense Forse (F-FDTL), and 20 participants are people with disabilities.

The subject for this year will be focused on training Carpentry, building construction, Electricity, Water installation, fixing machines, also hospitality training.

Gusmão explained the participant will have 6 months of opportunities for the training, the theory is five months, and one month for internships.

At the same place, The advisor of MEKAE, Fernando de Araújo encourages the percipients to work hard to promote their skills in specific areas.

“All participants must demonstrate good behaviors as it is the main point for an individual to be a success. This training is offered to develop everyone’s skills to compete in the national and international markets,” he said.

Journalist: Jóse Belarmino De Sá
Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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