BNCTL installs 27 units of ATM machines to facilitate customers with cash withdrawal

BNCTL installs 27 units of ATM machines to facilitate customers with cash withdrawal

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DILI, 09 april 2022 (TATOLI)-One step forward, the Timorese’ bank namely National Bank of Commerce of Timor-Leste (BNCTL) has installed another 27 units of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) across Dili – a capital of the country, to facilitate the rising number of customers with cash withdrawals and making deposits.

The President of BNCTL, Antonio Vitor said the main objective of the installation of the new 27 ATM machines is to facilitate the rising number of customers in the country with the cash withdrawal and making deposits.

“The installation of the ATM would help the customers with cash withdrawal; therefore, they need to access local ATM P24 cards. The machines also will allow international clients to withdraw money by using UnionPay International card,” Vitor told reports BNCTL office, in Obrigado Barak, Dili, on friday.

ATM P24 is a system created as an option to be able to withdraw or transfer money through the P24 machine of other banks.

He added that the UnionPay International system is similar to ATM visa cards, saying ATM P24 cards will facilitate BNCTL clients to be able to withdraw cash from ATM machines of other banks.

ATM machines in Timor-Leste experience difficulties due to high temperature and slow internet speeds that can interrupt the operation system of the ATM. In addition, the regular power cut also caused BNCTL ATM outages, leaving customers without service.

Vitor acknowledged that during the covid-19 situation, customers experienced ATM outages due to the delay in repairment of the ATM machine.

“However, BNCTL would do its best to offer excellent service to its clients in the future,” he committed.

It is estimated that the installation of the 27 new ATM machines cost more than US$ 49. 0000.

BNCTL had planned to install 68 new ATM machines and two mobile ATM machines this year. The installation of these ATM machines aimed to facilitate the rising number of customers in the capital Dili with the installation of the ATM P24 cards as Dili requires more than 39 ATM machines.

“This is an initiative to develop and modernize Timor-Leste’s financial system to ensure clients have easy access to BNCTL services,” Vitor emphasized.

It is said that BNCTL would establish 100 new ATM machines to complete its target of having 150 ATM machines installed. BNCTL also requires the installation of the Cash Recycle Machines (CRM).

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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