Gusmão: TL could rely on friendship countries to build the structure of maritime authority

Gusmão: TL could rely on friendship countries to build the structure of maritime authority

Photo Tatoli/Egas Cristovao

DILI, 19 august 2022 (TATOLI)— Timor-Leste Charismatic Leader, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão said Timor-Leste (TL) could rely on partners from the three countries to build the structures of the maritime authority, particularly for the Timor-Leste Navy Component (F-FDTL) ).

Gusmão highlights his statement at the International Conference on the Commemoration of the 47th anniversary of the Falintil F-FDTL at F-FDTL Headquarters, Fatuhada, this Friday

The theme of this year’s anniversary is the future development of Timor-Leste: F-FDTL, natural resources, and the global environmental crisis.

Speaking as the key speaker at the conference, Gusmão said Timor-Leste has developed its country economy, and it needs to develop its maritime economy as well.

“I am confident that, we can count on the cooperation of our main development partners, Portugal, Australia, and Indonesia, to help us build a solid maritime structure and train our maritime personnel,” he said.

The formation of the TL Naval Component is very important to ensure TL’s sovereignty, therefore the establishment of a Maritime Authority System is an important step toward greater coordination for exercising State powers over maritime space under national jurisdiction.

Yet, The National Maritime Authority is fundamental to the future of the Timorese, and therefore greater training and operationalization are urgently needed.

“For all these reasons, I hope that F-FDTL can be more inspired by the road to peace than the road to war. So, F-FDTL can also become the true agent for TL development,” said Gusmão.

Viewing various conflicts in the world, Gusmao concluded that Timor-Leste Military Force should not be prepared for war, but rather focus on maintaining the peace.

“TL Military Forces must continue to modernize, train and develop their military-technical capabilities, to serve the country with talent and order.We should fight the restrain, hunger, and poverty in Timor-Leste, by strengthening national cohesion and increasing community services, which also make us more resilient to global threats that know no borders,” He said.


Journalist: Camilo de Sousa

Editor:Nelia B.


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