CCT collects 1.200 USD from international tourists

CCT collects  1.200 USD from international tourists


DILI, 16 september 2022 (TATOLI)– Timor-Leste Coffee Cooperative (CCT) raised 1,200 USD from international tourists.

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CCT manager, Adelino Do Carmo said Timor-Leste Cooperative Coffee had welcomed more than 125 tourists in a day: “We collected more than 1,200 USD, the amount we get of course from the sell-out products,” CCT Manager, Adelino Do Carmo told TATOL at his office in Bidau Lecidere, this Friday.

According to Carmo, coffee is the most selling product among all local products prepared by CCT: ” We prepare two types of coffee products; coffee beans and coffee grounds, but most tourists prefer to buy grounds coffee, and only about 50 tourists bought coffee beans, to share with some relatives in their country,”

“Each pack of coffee costs $4.00. CCT Marketing also prepares more than 125 cups of free flavored coffee for tourists,”

Most of them are newcomers to Timor-Leste, therefore it is important to offer them a cup of free flavored coffee to test.

“They have to test our original coffee because the aroma will boast the coffee quality, which attracts them to buy our coffee,”

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At the same place, Carmo expressed his appreciation to the Timor-Leste Tour Agency (TLTA) for involving CCT in this event.

“I would like to thank the Timor Leste Travel Agency for involving CCT as a target place to visit,” he said.

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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