TIC and CMTL signed MoU to provide the server of IT

TIC and  CMTL signed MoU   to provide the server of IT

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DILI, 15 december 2022 ( TATOLI)- The Agency of Information and Technology ( TIC) and The Real State Company of Mining of Timor – Leste ( CMTL)) today sign the Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) to provide the server of Information and Technology ( IT) to CMTL.

Executive Director, TIC Roberto C. de Sousa Vicente said, this collaboration was implemented following the decree law No 29 /2017 on 02 August 2017 to develop the communication system and information technology in Timor – Leste.

“Based on decree law No 29 /2017 on 02 August 2017 give the mandate to centralize all data centers of IT in entire government institutions including to provide the server of data center system of IT to ensure the needs of IT in the area of the creation of email, website, domain, application system of the database, internet supply to share the information about the CMTL ‘s working effectively to the public,” the Executive Director of TIC Roberto C. de Sousa Vicente told TATOLI in his office Hudi – Laran, Dili on Thursday.

Vicente added that with this collaboration CMTL will use a digitization application system to facilitate all CMTL ‘s databases to reduce the administrative costs which are conducted by CMTL during this time.

At the same place, the President of CMTL, Elio de Jesus Gomes highly appreciates the initiative from TIC, saying it will support data developers and facilitate CMTL’s works by using the E-Government digitalization of IT.

“On Thanked TIC on behalf of CMTL, this support helps the works of CMTL, especially in the IT area” he concluded.

So far TIC had provided the server of IT to over 90 Government Institutions, Real State companies, and Government agencies, while based on the plan TIC will also provide IT services to Government institutions in Municipalities across the country.

CMTL was established in 2022 based on the decree-law No 43 /2022 as the Real State Company, to conduct the activities of international trade and commercial to manage all mining resource wealth in Timor – Leste.



Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor : Nelia B.


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