MoTTI to construct 11 gazebos in Area Branca and Cristo Rei

MoTTI to construct 11 gazebos in Area Branca and Cristo Rei

Director General of Ministry of Tourism Trade and Industry (MoTTI), Director General, Jelino Soares.

DILI, 20 february 2023 (TATOLI) – The Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Industry (MoTTI) has allocated more than USS 70,000 for the construction of 11 gazebos on the beaches of Areia Branca and Cristo Rei, said MoTTI’s Director General, Jelino Soares.

He explained that although the money is not part of the MoTCI budget, it was necessary to respond to complaints from communities about the collapse of the existing gazebos in these areas.

“We are using part of the money for the rehabilitation of small infrastructure to build the 11 gazebos. Five will be purchased from Indonesia and the rest will be built in the country,” he said. 

Soares added that the purchase of materials must be carefully selected, because “in the coastal area the winds are strong and the degradation of the infrastructure is faster.

He recalled that the MoTTI had already contracted the company Suai Indah for the rehabilitation of the bathrooms and the areas surrounding the beaches, saying that a new public tender will be opened for the construction of the gazebos.

When asked about the water supply to the bathrooms at Areia Branca, Soares assured that MoTTI is coordinating with Be’e Timor-Leste to solve the problem.

These two beaches are considered two of the most tourist attractions in Dili: “The Government had already allocated US$30,000 for the renovation of the Cristo Rei area.” 



Jornalist: Jesuína Xavier

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora

Translator: Filomeno Martins/ Editor: Nelia Borges 


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