Atauru Local community group implements blue economy concept on “Ocean Based” to boost economy diversification

Atauru Local community group implements blue economy concept on “Ocean Based” to boost economy diversification

Blue Economy activity (PHoto/UNDP)

DILI, 01 march 2023 (TATOLI)- Atauru Local Community groups implement bleu economy concepts on seaweed cultivation to boost economic diversification for the local community in Atauru municipality.

The coordinator of the Atauru Fishery group, Filipe Dotan said the seaweed cultivation activities program as pas part of the blue economy referring to the ocean-based concept.

“We started this seaweeds cultivation in 2013 and we have over 200 fisheries groups doing this activity to contribute to economic diversification, aiming to respond to the family economy and household needs,” The Coordinator of Atauru Anan group, Filipe Dolan told Tatoli via phone, this wednesday.

He added that this activity helps the community decide on the protective area and helps the local community not to ruin the sea habitat composed of different species. Local people are required to safeguard, preserve, and protect the richness of the sea.

Mr. DOLAN said seaweed activity is the most potential for high international economic value and even contributes to economic diversification in the country.

Thus, the Atauru groups focused on seaweed cultivation as they mostly carried out harvesting for over three months which contribute income to the rural community or members groups in Atauru.

“Every three months, we collected over 100 tons and after collecting all products for 100 tons, we are selling to the international market,” he said

He said the products are sold to four companies from Indonesia and China.

Each group can cultivate seaweeds for over 3 hectares in the sea and the resulting harvesting can be collected over 100 tons of seaweeds.

He added that the income collected by each group was minimal with less than 500 USD and maximal worth 16.000 USD.

It is known that this seeds weeds cultivation program is supported by the Timorese government through the Minister of Fishery and Agriculture (MoAF) and also by United National Development Programs (UNDP).

Until today Atauru has a total of 200 groups composed of over 400 members three. Since 2013 the group has collected over 100.000 USD in revenue.

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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