TL develops action plans to bring roadmap to effective implementation: ASEAN Membership

TL develops action plans to bring roadmap to effective implementation: ASEAN Membership

President of Repblic, José Ramos Horta (Photo/Media-PR)

JAKARTA, 08 august 2023 (TATOLI) – Timor-Leste is currently developing action plans that will provide the necessary structure and guidance to bring the roadmap approved by ASEAN leaders to effective implementation. 

At the Labuan Bajo ASEAN Summit in early May, leaders approved the Roadmap for Timor-Leste’s formal admission as the ASEAN 11th member, which Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão and President of the Republic Jose Ramos Horta agreeing that this could ideally occur in 2025.

“Since the adoption of the roadmap in Labuan Bajo last May, we have been working to develop an action plan that provides the necessary structure and guidance to transform the roadmap into the relevant ministries and agencies’ annual action plans, budget, and capacity building required to bring the roadmap to effective implementation, including a monitoring mechanism to assess progress,” President Horta said in his speech at the Jakarta Post’s Democracy Forum, on monday. 

He said that the action plans aim to ensure that the initiatives and activities of each ministry contribute to the overall accession process and regional integration efforts. 

President Horta stressed that the roadmap is aligned with Timor-Leste’s National Strategic Development Plan, which sets out the country’s objectives, priorities, and action plan in various development sectors: “By aligning these two important frameworks, we will ensure that regional integration becomes an integral part of our national development objectives.”

The ongoing work included drafting the action plan, updating the stock take – policy, law, and regulations that comply with ASEAN treaties and conventions, updating the matrix – Technical Assistance from ASEAN Member States and Development Partners, developing monitoring and evaluation (E&E) system and database, participating in ASEAN meeting as an observer, establishing a mission to ASEAN in Jakarta and so on. 

“An Ambassador to ASEAN will soon be appointed. In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation is coordinating with the relevant ministries (Socio-Cultural and Economic) to assign their officials to the mission,” Horta said. 

The Head of State added that Timor-Leste is firmly committed to undertaking institutional, policy, and regulatory reforms, enhancing human resource development, investing in strategic infrastructure that creates new opportunities for the country’s economy and addresses common regional challenges in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect: “This would ensure that our membership benefits not only our country but the region as a whole.”

Timor-Leste began its bid for ASEAN membership in 2011, nine years after its independence in 2002.

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Journalist: Filomeno Martins 

Editor: Nelia Borges


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