Filipino fugitive Arnolfo Taves could be extradited to the Philippines

Filipino fugitive Arnolfo Taves could be extradited to the Philippines

Filipino fugitive, Arnolfo Taves/Image TATOLI

DILI, 22 may 2024 (TATOLI) – The Minister of Justice, Sérgio Hornai, has announced that the request for political asylum of Filipino citizen, Arnolfo Taves Jr. has been denied for the third time.

According to Hornai, the criminal judicial process is expected to be finalized in the next 48 hours. It is then up to the Court of Appeal to decide on the extradition of the Filipino national.

Arnolfo Taves Jr. is accused of being the mastermind behind the murder of nine Filipinos. He has been in Timor-Leste since april last year, when he first asked the Court of Appeal to grant him political asylum in the country, claiming that he was being persecuted by the Philippine government and that his life was in danger.

The Filipino citizen was arrested in march last year by Timor-Leste’s Scientific and Criminal Investigation Police (PCIC), in Areia Branca, Dili, based on a warrant issued by the International Police (INTERPOL).

Previously, the President of the Republic had called on the Court of Appeal to speed up the judicial process of the case.

Timor-Leste defends human rights, but it has to respect the judiciary of the Philippines because it is a democratic country. If a nation has the death penalty, Timor-Leste should analyze the situation before deporting a citizen who requests political asylum, because they could be sentenced to death. However, there is no death penalty in the Philippines.


Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Filomeno Martins 


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