Final exams for 20.145 high school Students to take place in November

Final exams for 20.145 high school Students to take place in November

Schools such as Our Lady of Fatima Secondary School in Railaco will be allowed to reopen next week, if sanitation procedures are implemented (Image/António Gonçalves)

DILI, 08 october 2020 (TATOLI)-Final exams for both public and private high schools will be held between 16-21 November 2020. A total of 20.145 students will complete their exams at this time.

High School Education Director, Rosa Soares said the national board has already collected all the data from Grade 12 students and submitted this to the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, along with his deputy and the Curriculum Director.

“We presented [the data] to the Ministry of Education, this is to ensure that the curriculum is integrated well, this will be distributed by the principals and by all school administrations”, said Rosa Soares, to Tatoli, in Vila Verde, Dili.

She also adds that MEJD has decided to proceed with the national exams for all students. There is a lingering belief that results might not be as predicted, since many students of Public Secondary Education system had missed a lot of classes due to the crises caused by COVID-19.

“This year, our students faced a different situation compared to the previous year. We believe that this may result in an impact on the results of the national exams that will take place next month”,she concluded.

Rosa Soares added that the high school department hopes the students will put in efforts to answer all tasks and questions in their exams.

The coordinator of the National Curriculum Unit, Pedro Ribeiro Gonçalves, had previously said that the national exams for the 9th year of Basic Education and the 12th year of General and Technical-Vocational Secondary Education were postponed to November.

“The national exams were initially scheduled, in the calendar, for October. However we were forced to postpone until November,” said Pedro Ribeiro, at the National Parliament, in Dili.

They also said that the exams will take place on the 16th and 18th of November, stressing that afterwards, the students will still be subject to local tests until the 21st of November.

Journalist: Tomé Amado

Editor: Agapito dos Santos/Nick kettle


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