PR Horta inaugurates Sta. Bakhita International Kindergarten School in Manufahi

PR Horta inaugurates Sta. Bakhita International Kindergarten School in Manufahi


DILI, 25 april 2023 (TATOLI)— The President of the Republic, José Ramos Horta inaugurated the Santa Bakhita International Kindergarten school in the municipality of Manufahi. The inauguration of the school was blessed by Monsignor (Mgr) Virgílio Cardinal do Carmo da Silva.

“Education starts from kindergarten. In Timor-Leste around 60% of children from the ages of three to five do not receive Kindergarten Education. However, when they are five to 7 years old, they go straight to Elementary School,” said President Horta, via a press release accessed by Tatoli, this Tuesday.

The Head of State said the Presidency would convey to the new Government, to take steps to prevent malnutrition, especially in the prevention of school activities in kindergarten schools.

“The Presidential Cabinet is working with several specialists with support from UNICEF to prepare a proposal to submit to the new Government, to handle the Kindergarten School program, in order to prevent malnutrition and stunting. This means that if the mother’s health does not support her when the baby is born, the mother will not have breast milk to give to the baby. Because, breast milk must be clean, starting from the mother herself,” he said.

According to Horta, the government must continue to promote the Breast Milk campaign, which can lead to malnutrition.

“The big campaign is about hygiene, in all TL. The campaign for the breast milk program which is given to babies for six months, before given additional food, according to recommendations from specialists,” said President Horta.

The construction of the school was in accordance with a request from the President of the Republic for the Better Foundation from Australia which established a school with national quality and curriculum like in Australia, by teaching 50 students in Tetum, English, and Portuguese.

It is planned that President Horta will visit Australia in October. The visit was also to discuss education issues.


Journalist: Mirandolina Barros Soares

Editor: Armandina Moniz

Translation: José  Belarmino de Sa


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