CCT supports communities to cultivate industrial plants – Vanilla, Cloves, Pepper, and Cocoa

CCT supports communities to cultivate industrial plants – Vanilla, Cloves, Pepper, and Cocoa

CCT supervisor José Almeida dos Santos (Photo Tatoli/Filomeno Martins)

ERMERA, 16 may 2023 (TATOLI) – The Timor Coffee Cooperative (CCT) is supporting Timorese farmers in the municipality of Ermera to cultivate four industrial plants – vanilla, cloves, pepper, and cocoa – to increase family income and improve the household economy.

“The majority of the population of Ermera relies heavily on the old coffee plantations for their main source of income, but unfortunately these coffee plantations are no longer productive and therefore the promotion of these four industrial plants is essential to add another source of income for the communities,” CCT Supervisor Jose Almeida dos Santos told Tatoli at his office in Railaco Administrative Post, Ermera Municipality.

He said that cacao trees flower and produce fruit year-round, saying it’s an ever-abundant harvest: “We keep promoting cacao and encouraging communities to grow more of this industrial plant every year.”

“We also help communities to grow vanilla. In Ermera, we support communities in the villages of Leimea Sorin Balu, Fatubesi, Matata, and many others to grow vanilla. Growing vanilla is labor intensive, but you also earn good money,” Santos explained.

He said every year CCT distributes thousands of seedlings of these four industrial plants to communities in Ermera municipality.

“Every year we distribute 10,000 pepper seedlings, 15,000 cocoa seedlings, 8,000 clove seedlings, and thousands of vanilla seedlings to the communities in Ermera. Not only Ermera, but we also distribute these seedlings to other municipalities, including Aileu, Manufahi, Liquiça, Lautem, and Baucau,” said Santos.

Currently, CCT buys a kilogram of vanilla for US$18, a kilogram of cocoa for $1.75, a kilogram of pepper for $7, and a kilogram of cloves for $7.

“Apart from supporting the communities in growing these plants, we also offer them a fair price when it comes to buying their products, especially Vanilla, Cloves, Pepper, and Cocoa,” he stressed.

Santos added that to support the communities in the proper cultivation of these plants, the CCT team always provides technical support to these communities.



Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Nélia Borges


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