Timorese athletes from seven modalities to join the SEA Games

Timorese athletes from seven modalities to join the SEA Games


DILI, january 13, 2022 (TATOLI)- Timorese athletes from seven sports will participate between May 12 and 23 of this year in the Southeast Asian Games, the Sea Games that will take place in Vietnam.

Timor-Leste will compete in seven sports: athletics, taekwondo, boxing, beach volleyball, karate, swimming, and football.

The Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, Abrao Saldanha said that the Government will authorize athletes from the seven modalities to participate in this international event in Southeast Asia. However, SSYS will directly evaluate and observe the performance of each athlete in the seven sports.

“The Government supports with $8,000 to the seven teams of athletes to prepare for the games,” Saldanha, in his declarations to journalists at the SSYS ‘s office Lecidere Dili.

The Secretary-General of the Federation Karate-do Timor – Leste (FKTL) Antonio Carlos de Araujo, revealed that the athletes are prepared for the competition.

“Before participating in the games, the Government will evaluate and directly observe the performance of each athlete. Therefore, we are still waiting for an evaluation from the SSYS,” he said.

The President of the Athletics Federation, Afranio Xavier Amaral, said that the athletics team that will participate in this event is composed of six athletes: three women and three men.

“We inform our coaches to prepare these athletes,”

According to Amaral, The international event will be participated by 40 countries around the world.


Journalist : Hortencio Xanches

Editor : Florensio Ximenes

Translation : Camilio de Sousa


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